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La Dolce Vita Luxury Escapes

LDV is a luxury event designer, born in Toronto and catering to the world. 

We offer boutique concierge services to our select clientele with a commitment to always provide exclusive experiences through our trusted international collaborators.

Professional & Passionate

We are knowledgeable and passionate designers committed to providing you with the best options within the industry. We listen, design, and take action to bring your dream to life in a seamless and hassle-free manner. You will always have someone available to ensure everything runs smoothly. ​

Exclusive Amenities

We have partnered and maintained a trusted relationship with our global contacts who always provide extraordinary amenities. 

24/7 Contact

There is always someone available to assist you during your journey.  You can count on around the clock availability to solve any issues, assist in changing any plans or answer any questions. Your part in all of this is to enjoy the Journey

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